Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello beautiful girlies,hows life going?

So as summer is here and its officially "back to school" season I decided to reminisce back to my high school days.Its been 5 years since I graduated from high school,3 years at the university and now at the age of 22 starting out to build my own dreams.

But looking back at  the year book was not a very pleasant experience,not because I have bad memories but because of my choice of certain make up items during my growing up years.Well we all make mistakes,that's how we learn!? So today I thought to share top 5  'make-up mistakes' for all those girls out there who are starting out to pick there first make up essentials and are confused choosing the best,and NO I did not commit all of these mistakes,I would have been a disaster walking down the streets.BLEH. 
So lets get started!!

1)NOT BEING COMFORTABLE: I guess this is the most cliched of them all but trust me this is where we go wrong the most.During our initial years we are so influenced by the surreal world of fashion and body image that we tend to forget that we are unique and we don't need to look like someone.Why should we find ourselves in someone else? So ditch all those weird fashion trends that you see around and the bizarre magazine editorials.Always know what looks good on you.Ask a close friend or your mum.They will help you out with it.This step takes time but once you perfect it then its a cakewalk.

2)PICKING OUT THE WRONG SHADES:Testing foundations and lipstick on on your hands?UMM well my face and hand colour does not match nor are my lips and hands of the same colour so why do we use testers on it? I always use the foundation near my neck that's what matches my face colour and for picking out lipsticks I just use my instinct or dab on a clean sample with a brush on my lips and wipe it of ,because no one wants to swatch those tester on their lips which maybe must have kissed at least a 50 women that day.-__- And for blushes I see the 'redness' colour of my palm and buy a colour that matches it.Putting too much pink on your cheeks will only make you look like a bad case of skin infection.

Courtesy:Google Images

3)DOING TOOOO MUCH: Its overwhelming when we learn something new and we want the world to see it but its not always important to show off your skills all in one go.Bold eyes,bold lips bold colors.EEH.Not everyone can pull off a Lady Gaga.So ladies always keep it simple and classy,don't overdo it.

Get my point? ;)

4)NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE EYEBROWS: Trust me your eyebrows can make or break your look and face shape.Over plucking them will make you look like Voldemort and  underplucking will give you a perfect pair of unibrows.Strike a balance, know your face shape and get what looks the best.

Brows over the years

5)NOT PAMPERING YOURSELF: Ignoring my skin is one of the mistakes I did during my university days but now I make It a point to scrub,exfoliate and apply face packs on regular basis.It is very important to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.Rather than caking up on Concealers,foundation,powders invest your time and money on pampering your skin.Make sure you lips are not chipped, your skin is healthy and in sometime you will observe and feel more beauty and confident.

So this was my list of common mistakes we do .Developing your personal style and mastering what looks good on takes time. Dont expect things to becoming perfect over night.Its only through our mistakes we learn what is right.So don't lose hope and keep yourself open to suggestions and feed back but at the same time don't let negativity bog you down.

Till then have fun and let me know your top make-up mistakes and how you fixed it ,would love to read your experience.Stay beautiful and keep tuned to Sparkling Diva Diaries.

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