Monday, May 19, 2014


Ok Lovelies I Plan to DOCUMENT MY SUMMER 2014!!! :O

Ok I have seriously been MIA since sooooo Loooong that the ooo's dont even justify a bit but yes,that is that! I AM BACK! and I seriously wanted to like document my summer's 2014 I feel its a cool idea.My internship ends soon so I wont be hell busy as I have been lately and its gonna be a little less stressful and I have more time to devote to writing my blog.Just In case I am NOT some qualified "BLOGGER".Is there even a qualification for it?!?
WHATEVER.I am here just to pen down my thoughts and feelings and use some area in the cyberspace, so make my trip enjoyable.OK THANKS.

So,coming back to the point I would be/trying to jot down my summer of 2014 and share with you guys what I am doing.Lemme know if you want me to write about something.And yes no meaness.Oh and ITS SPRING.I love spring,its so springy and fresh.SO I am sharing a look I put together.Its girly and fresh and PINK.Yes I LOVE PINK.Ok peeps hope this is fun.Byee.


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