Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Lovlies,how's summer going? 

SO in this hot weather I though I should do 'Lipstick Addict' tag,I just love lipsticks and I love tags so yeah what better then sharing my love for lipsticks!! This tag is really fun and I LOVE reading through all the lipstick tag blogs/videos,so here Is the lipstick tag.Notice how many times I wrote lipstick..IKR?! LOL

Q1) Favorite Balm/Treatment?

So I don't use any treatment on my lips,sometimes I just mix honey,sugar and salt together and exfoliate my lips, it makes a great home made lip scrub and my favorite balm has to be by Body shop "Born Lippy"
 I have been using this forever and LOVE it,it keeps my lips soft and hydrated and the fragrance is so'll always find a pot/stick in my purse.I swear by it.My favorite flavors are strawberry and raspberry.

 Q2) Best Eye catching Red?

- I don't wear a lot of red colored lipsticks,I find it a little too much but recently I bought Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lincoln Rose after seeing Aishwarya Rai wear it at the Cannes Film festival and hearing Rav reviews about it.I really loved the color and formula of this lipstick.It stays on for pretty long and doesn't make my lips look all chapped.So I this is my pick at the moment.

Q3) Best Luxury Brand?
-My best luxury product which again has been in my vanity for really long is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in the color (Pink in devotion) This is my to-go lipstick when I want my lips to look nice and classy without overdoing it.I came across this lipstick while I was strolling in the mall and I saw the YSL make-up counter and I loved the packaging,haha Yes packaging always draws my attention,so I swatached some colors and finally decided on the pink in devotion and that was the start of my romance with this lipstick.

Q4)Best Drugstore product?

-I own a lot of drugstore products and its really really difficult for me to pick one, but I will pick out my current favorite which is L'oreal Paris Color Riche Matte 371 Pink Passion.This is a nice rich pink coral infused lip color and right now its my daily to-go color.As I mentioned in my earlier post during summer months I prefer wearing coral colors so this what I am hooked onto right now.

Q5) Best MAC product?

-It is almost impossible for me to pick out ONE MAC lipstick,I am in love with MAC.since forever,but as I have to make a choice it would be MAC pink nouveau,I don't know whats with this color..Its a staple in my collection and I don't feel too over or under done with it..Matte or glossy it can pull of any look. 

Q6) Most Disappointing?!?

-I don't know if its the MOST disappointing but it is something that fell flat on my expectations.I love maybelline and own a lot of their products so I  was really excitto try PINK alert by Color Sensation,got the POW 1 and it was waaayy to shiney and dry .I don't know if a got a bad piece or what but I was really sad after applying it and disappointed hence wont be repurchasing it.

Q7) LINER-yes/no?

-Well sometimes but not ALWAYS,It just really depends on my mood but no a liner is not a MUST do step when I do my lips.

Q8)Best Gloss?

-Revlon color burst Lipgloss in Hot pink,its a nice dupe for a lot of high end products and It just adds a boom to a boring lipstick and I love it.


Q9)Something extra?
-ummm Lip primer,if I want my lip color to stay for long or when I know I would be at an event and I don't want my lipstick to stray or wear of and make me look like a clown.For such times I use a lip primer (MAC).

So this was my Lipstick addict tag and I tag all of you to do it.Let me know about your favorites as I love reading such tags.Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite product,till then have a great Sunday and stay beautiful and keep tuned to SPARKLING DIVA DIARIES.

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions expressed are my own*

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  1. I am always looking for new tags to do and this will absolutely be one that I will soon put up because I do love my lipsticks! :) xx Tilsie (

  2. Great post. I love MAC and YSL's lipsticks, they're great.

    1. Indeed,these 2 brands are my all time favorite.BTW I tag you too.Would love to read your post.

  3. Oh my goodness I love lipstick too! What a fun tag! I think perhaps I should do this!! <3


    1. Hahaha go ahead.Would love to know favorites.
      Have a fab day. xx :)


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