Sunday, June 01, 2014

OHMYGOD! The weather is waayy tooo hot these days and all we end up doing is sitting in our Air conditioned rooms drinking artificial store bought aerated drinks and just torturing our skin and hair!! UGH!

I REPLACE a lot of my beauty items during summer,as the heat is just too much to handle and I want my skin to breath.

-I ditch the foundation during summer month,yes I just avoid wearing it.Rather than spending a fortune on foundations during summer months,I try to spend that much on my skin care routine so that my skin is glowing and fresh from within.Go for BB creams or tinted moisturizers and keep your compact powder with you,as the skin tends to get oily and shiny near the T zone and forehead.
Avoiding the liquid foundation

-Bye bye powder blush! I love cream based blush when it comes to giving my skin a natural blushing effect during summer. Because the powder just adds on layers while cream blush looks like my cheeks are naturally flushed.

Cream blush gives a more natural effect

-Less liquid liners,its a 1000 degree outside what do you expect from me!geesh I am human I sweat and the liner tends to get runny :( so I just avoid packing up my upper lids with liquid liners and prefer tightlining it and using a kohl pencil for lower lids and MASCARA.Yup water proof mascara makes your eyes look big and you look awake and happy.

Mascara makes your eyes look big

-See you later Glossy Lips,everything is really warm and sticking and glossy lips are the last thing I wanna do.I prefer really soft peachy/coral lip color which is moisturizing, as well as adds a pop.

Soft Coral lips are a thumbs up

-No more dark nail paints.I really avoid dark nail polish colors and replace is with fresh,cool nail colors.

Coral colors for summer are great.

Yes you need to replace all the cola,ice-creams and bad extra sweetened shakes and juices and go the natural way.I know you cant avoid these things a 100 percent,but you can definitely try to incorporate some of the good stuff in your daily routine.

Rather then always having ice-creams,you can make yourself some natural fruit slush.Its cold refreshing and dosnt have like 1000 calories in it.This way you can have a guilt free treat almost everyday and its super easy to make at home.Ting!

There are tons of ways to make it but what I do is I take some strawberries (you can take any fruit of your choice),put them in a blender add a splash of lemon juice,you can also add a spoon full of sugar if you like it on the sweet side,then add half a glass of milk,few teaspoons of water and blend it together.Transfer the mixture in a freezer proof container and let it freeze until it gets slushy.Just before serving,take it out and let sit for 5-10 mins.Volla you just made yourself some yummy slushy.


Just get rid of all the unused,old,not gonna wear it kinda stuff from your closet and life.Yes that shirt we all know looked really hot on you 3 years back,but now you dont wear it.So gurl learn to say good bye and just leave it all behind and you would be amazed to see how much stuff you were hiding in your closet which you have never worn!! :O
 So I highly recommend this exercise and once you have all that empty space in your closet,you can fill it up with all essentials you would need and have guilt free shopping trip.YAY! 

Get a nice pair of sunglasses, its not really important to splurge on 
really expensive ones coz the trends change really soon but also dont get that cheap stuff which might be dangerous for your eyes.Stores like forever 21 carry amazing range of sunnies every year ,just take a trip to the mall and I am sure you will find a good pair.Also on your list should be a cute pair of flip flops,some nice hair accessories to tie up your hair and make life easier while you still look like a diva,oh and a nice floral perfume for this season.

After all those tedious shopping trips and closet cleaning work we need some time off to relax and rejuvenate,summers really take a toll and we need to protect our skin from all the damage it goes through so just let your hair down and pamper yourself to some DIY home spa remedies and relish on some home-made slushies.

Thats all on this summer post.Lemme know your summer tips and tricks,I would love to read about it.Till then stay tuned to SPARKLING DIVA DIARIES.Love you byee.XOXO

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